Richard Bucker

sweet hammock

Posted at — Sep 9, 2018

I’m not sure what I was doing but Amazon made a hammock recommendation that I’m captivated by. The prices and workmanship has greatly improved over the past 18-24 months but after all my recent tribulations this looks like a steal.Bugnet, hammock, suspension… weighing in at about 13-14oz. Better still the KIT is rated for 350 pounds and the width is just over 5ft. Many other single/solo hammocks are 4ft wide and that’s too narrow for an adult to lay diagonally. The hummingbird double is 7ft wide which is unheard of and still only weighs 10.2oz. That’s amazing.By comparison the Sea to Summit costs $170, a difference of $10) and weighs about 32oz. That’s double the weight of the hummingbird and there is no hardware lockin.