Richard Bucker

system interop is broken...

Posted at — May 19, 2016

System interoperability is broken and frankly I’m tired of it. Today I had the misfortune of getting stuck in the insurance card hell when I brought my daughter to the doctor and then to the pharmacy. It just delayed the process. So if we cannot agree to use our SSN universally then a single payer might be the best idea. At the very least a single clearing house for funneling transactions might be ideal.And then there is the Apple, Microsoft, Linux and Google war. Get over it guys. We are now in the age where people are adopting a UI based on human factors. ┬áThat a MOV file does not play on one browser or video player is long passed acceptable shelf life. My wife messaged me a video which I could not open. So she emailed it to me. And then I tried to open it with multiple video players until I found one that worked. The problem is that the big boys have such inflated egos about their tech that they want to use it a way to capture the market. Well, FUCK YOU! I need to pick up a box and get work done whether it’s family videos, pictures, my blog, word processing, spreadsheet, programming or server farm.It’s time!