Richard Bucker

'take me off the list'

Posted at — Jan 28, 2012

A couple years ago there was a “do not call list”. Well that did not work.  Every new and fly by night company ignores those laws anyway and by the time law enforcement or the attorney general investigates they are long gone. So what is a person to do, specially when they call several times a day, when the babies are sleeping or when my wife and I are sleeping?Also, these new phone systems are pretty smart. Their voice recognition is really good and their artificial intelligence or workflow is even better.  I’ve been fooled 2 or 3 times already but I think I have the magic now.Hmmm… I tried a few things… Talking and talking and talking…. it did not work, the machine has more patience than I do. - FAIL Every swear word I could think of… the machine just ignores me and asks another question like Eliza did. - FAIL Answering in the negative to every question… but either it would keep trying to sell me something or I would receive another call in a day or two. - FAIL Answering in the affirmative to every question… but that did not work either. It told me someone human was going to call me… but it kept asking questions; probably based on some law that required an electronic/audio signature. - FAILAnd that’s when I figured it out and it was all by accident. I happen to say ’take me off the list’. That’s when the machine stopped talking and responded that it was going to take me off immediately.Voila. So the next time I hear one of these stupid recordings that’s exactly what I’m going to say.