Richard Bucker

Tarp Cliff notes

Posted at — Jul 11, 2019

I had a quick fail in the backyard as the skies opened up… Here are some quick notes for setting up a tarp:

Here the tarp is bottom up and it collected lots of water and sagged even worse.

A suspended “from” plow point. This made it impossible to suspend the net tent properly.

The nettent was connected to the guy out and seemed to work well.

Converted to draping over the ridgeline the nettent seems to install better. There is less tension on the netting so it will maintain it’s DPI.

The tarp was ALMOST in the best direction but an umbrella might have been helpful. Also the pitch of the tarp was a little too aggressive.

This prusik is to tight. The smaller cord has “kut” not “cut” into the 550 paracord and refuses to slide.

The resin s-biner is useless. There was some tension but not a lot. This is the 4th or 5th failure and clearly a signal that metal is better or more durable.

Using the Borah Gear Bivy here I was able to compensate for the polycryo groundsheet and was able to continue with the inflatable pad. The inflatable is more comfortable and does not stick like the GG close cell pad. Also the configuration means that I’ll not damage my knees.