Richard Bucker

Tarp, poncho tarp and rain jacket

Posted at — Jun 5, 2018

My ponch-tarp and tarp have the same dimensions although they are made from slightly different materials. I think the ponch is fragile and not made from ripstop. The tarp is slippery and difficult to fold.I’ve started down the road where having two shelters was useful when staying at camp, however, consider that I’m a hiker and hiking is the function. Recreating in a shared shelter is something akin to the AT and not carrying a spare shelter for the group.I like multipurpose gear. For example tarp-ponchos are great because they cover your legs so that you might not need wind pants and you can switch to a rain jacket while you setup your shelter.In an overnight configuration there are plenty of SUL options like an emergency frogg toggs jacket or poncho. I have a nice Snugpak patrol poncho that replaces the poncho and rain jacket. But only the one tarp.