Richard Bucker

tarp setup - are linelocks necessary

Posted at — May 20, 2019

I like tarp camping for a lot of reasons and while I’ve hiked only a few hundred miles total it’s still something I aspire to. And while there is something to be said for learning on the trail or in the moment I really want to make some off trail decisions that pay dividends on trail. For example:go as light as you can afford - there are some exotic materials out there that cost many multiples of materials that simply work; and consider letting things do double duty.leave some things behind - soap; you’re going to get dirty and smelly so embrace the stink.But then I watched a Jupiterhikes┬ávideo where he talks about tarps.<iframe allowfullscreen=" class=“YOUTUBE-iframe-video” data-thumbnail-src=“" frameborder=“0” height=“266” src=“" width=“320”>I had watched this video a few times over the last year and I finally noticed that he did not seem to have linelocks. Just 6 lines on a 7x9 BoraGear tarp. I have one of these tarps and I have been experimenting with all sorts of linelocks and all sorts of exotic knots. His lines were:2x 2 foot2x 4 foot2x 8 foot.Each seemed to have a loop on each end and seemed to be semi permanently attached. After watching the video this last time I wander why people use linelocks anyway? There is loose talk about re-tightening the tarp as it loosens but then what is the scenario? For me it’s [a] hike until time to stop [b] setup camp [c] go to sleep. When exactly would you need to tighten the lines?So if I have not specifically answered the question… linelocks are not necessary.As a side note… over the years I’ve purchased quite a bit of hardware from Dutchware and Amazon and at this point I have lost or discarded all of it.