Richard Bucker

Technical Reasoning

Posted at — Aug 12, 2022

I might be slow to the table but this morning while I was reasoning through nested VMs (linux->openbsd->openbsd) I wondering if “Windows” is safe again or at least no less safe than Linux.

is it safe to use Windows?

We’ve learned so much in the last few years culminating in not even paid-for software is free from attack.

And so I’m trying to identify what’s next; It also create a conundrum. OpenBSD is a small OS (only a few million LOC) and easier to reason compared to all the others and yet is complete. Virtualization using native tools like qemu and virsh are reasonable compared to commercial offerings.

When systems people talk about deploying systems why do they always start with the population of the planet scale and not the 2-3 actual users. Sure there’s always a chance that your project will be wildly successful but really, how many times does that happen. Sure non of like outages but hey happen. Do you REALLY need sub-second HA or would it be better to preserve the customer’s data?

Personally I stick with *nix because it’s comfortable. I have all the tools I need. I’m never really faced with commercial software to do my bits. And in the *nix way I can build on the shoulders of giants. And so now I’m reasoning through OpenBSD and various virtual machines.

If you think you are a 10x programmer check your timesheet working longer hours is not a multiplier

VMware and the like are nice… but they are not point and shoot; and now vulnerable and un-reasonable because they are close source.

What about highly effective small teams?

Next time…