Richard Bucker

Technical recruiters and used car salesman

Posted at — Apr 15, 2016

I do not know a single programmer that is not bombarded with requests from recruiters. I’m not sure whether it’s because we adopted services like LinkedIn and CareerExchange and they have become the nexus of career advancement or if it’s the over abundance of jobs. My issue is that the recruiters that reach out to me are typically first year recruiters. The latest was previously a cook at Einsteins and has no technical experience to speak of.I’ve also written about the experience in that the “shops” divide the problem between client side and labor. The client side gets the experienced recruiter and the labor side gets the cold caller. This is not to say that all recruiters are bad but only the very small minority can close the sale.Car salesman do not want to quote prices, interest rates, options, etc… they want you to come into the showroom where the music, smells etc are there to compromise your filters. Recruiters are no different.By comparison I went to an executive recruiting agency in approximately 1990. That bar for performance and talent has not been seen since.And for those recruiters that might read this post… I’m a 30 year professional programmer and system architect. If you want to get my attention for something other than an entry level devops or javascript position it would help you to understand the work I’ve done and no 10 minute phone conversation with someone who does not understand the job is going to close the sale. I suppose that’s one place the car salesman has the advantage.