Richard Bucker

technically is the new clearly

Posted at — Oct 10, 2013

Recently I was listening to a speaker in the “big think” series on youtube. One criticism the speaker had was the use and overuse of the word clearly. To paraphrase he/she said that “clearly” was an objectionable word in a convincing argument because … it things are not as obvious or clear.That got me to thinking about the overuse of the word “technically”. In many cases “technically” can be replaced with the word “truthfully” and yet in either case the intent is to express the truthiness(not a real word) of a particular statement.I assert that people who use “technically” are misuse the word. It more likely means that a statement is truthy because of some technicality or side effect rather than for some bonified technically reason. A personal making a technical argument does not usually say “for technical reasons” or “technically”.Conjuring another line of reasoning; writing code or operating in the edge case of technicality is clearly not a good idea.