Richard Bucker

Tectonic and OpenStack

Posted at — Aug 6, 2015

The CoreOS team has announced that Tectonic and OpenStack are working together. When I initially misread the headline I had the opinion that CoreOS was, somehow, in the mix and was now polluting itself. As I read the headline now I understand it to be Mantis + Tectonic + OpenStack.I’m not sure what the play is here. Tectonic is a commercial venture and presumably Mantis it too. My confusion is trying to figure out how all of this plugs in together. If you look at the CoreOS solution…deploy a PXE server, DHCP, DNS and docker registrydeploy and etcd clusterdeploy some workersand then launch kubernetes where ever they need to beAnd from this point on kubernetes is going to orchestrate it’s containers and this will be as they should.In this illustration OpenStack might exist just below the CoreOS solution but why when this is already addressed? Kubernetes might run in a dedicated container like Rancher and so OpenStack’s Docker shim might be used and so the orchestration needs to be better behaved to use OpenStack APIs instead of CoreOS and/or Docker.Adding all these layers and APIs is not going to make things more reliable. Also, while only aspects of the CoreOS solution are commercial they still need a way to make some money. I hope they figure it out before I move to RancherOS.