Richard Bucker

Ted Talk Confirms Simplicity - the simple life

Posted at — Aug 16, 2013

I was never one to sit there and customize my vimrc file or my editors at large (beyond a color theme and some very basic config). The idea that I could get stuck in the time-suck vacuum of the never ending tweak-fest…. just never appealed to me.In a recent Ted Talk the speaker professed that if you’re tweaking then your not making decisions or planning or looking for the things that will get you, company or family in a winning position.And he was absolutely right. I just read an article by a vim “export”.  He was recommending that I install some 20 plugins without presenting a script or instructions. It was at that moment that I realized that if I took another step I was going (a) be distracted for the rest of the day and not get anything done; (b) that many of the changes would not port to ALL of the environments that I work in and therefore I might be crippled in them without all these tools.It has been a few years since I decided to take the appliance approach to software development.  I have a plainly installed macbook air with full disk encryption and 5 or 6 different browsers that I use to test my work. Also, in recent days I have started to use It’s far from perfect and creates some security concerns but it represents the simple life.And since I have been working in the simple way I have had some brainstorms that have actually seen the light of day.