Richard Bucker

Ten Essentials

Posted at — Jun 28, 2016

I’m not certain who “they” are but they made some recommendations pertaining to the top ten essentials. They also said that they were transitioning from specific recommendations to systems.navigationsun protectioninsulationilluminationnutritionhydrationfirst aidrepair kitfireemergency shelterI’m not sure what they are trying to protect themselves from. By including insulation and sun protection that might suggest a 4-season kit. By naming these systems they are leaving the actual selection up to you. Where I struggle with this list is the overlap with the 5-C’s.cutcordagecovercontainercombustionThese are no less “systems”, however, by saying CUT it’s clear you need a knive, saw and/or an ax. A knife could be included but it’s closer to 7 degrees instead of obvious. In the 5-C’s cover starts with your clothes and expands out from there to include some sort of shelter.I’ve been meaning to look into the 7-Cs.UPDATE - I was watching ALONE Fan Questions¬†and Alan, season 1 winner, was demonstrating how to get your bearing. He said all you needed was a straight stick, a couple of rocks, and time. (see the boy scout manual for the details) But made the point… if you’re in survival mode then navigation like that may not be necessary. However, being able to read signs from a distance like a certain type of reed that is only present near water might indicate a river or creak is nearby.