Richard Bucker

Text Edit or IDE

Posted at — Aug 19, 2022

This morning I went down a rabbit hole looking for a new editor. What I continue to experience is the conflict between an IDE and the traditional text edit. IDEs are good for some things but not all.

all IDEs are editor but not all editors are IDEs

The thing of it is that in this day of trojan ransomware/malware just how much stuff should we be installing… we cannot reason about every piece of software we install. And there are years of courtcases that talk about bugs and the like making it into systems from manufacturing (some may be trajically long).

There is no right way.

I pride myself in being able to replace my environment in minutes not days and weeks… and customizing is one of those places that just never works. Regardless if all those dot files are store in a USB drive or version control.

vi is usually there by default. Even though it’s a monster it’s there. vim-noX11 is a treat to install and it just works. The config file is not necessary but my go-to is just a few lines. And it just works. I can reason that my miriade of terminal sessions and vim instances are the IDE even if an all in one would be nice.

Editors like Atom are nice but I tend to leave sessions open and use TMUX so that I can take them over from a laptop here and there.

Well, there is no one right way but like everything else it is scale.