Richard Bucker

The Agile Manifesto

Posted at — Oct 13, 2011

If you are really hell bent on going down the Agile footpath then I urge you to read the Agile Manifesto. ┬áThen throw everything else in the trash. ┬áThe manifesto makes common sense and frankly if you need the other books, references, and cheatsheets. The you probably don’t get it and you should look into another career.I know this is a harsh thing to say and commit to a blog but it you think about it for just a moment and you clear your head of all of the hubris that you hold for Agile … you’ll come to the same happy place and realize your glass is half full and you’ll still be able to do your work but you won’t be generating heat doing agile to the agile process.There is a whole world out there and while your dedication to a “thing” is admirable. I might just be a waste of time.