Richard Bucker

the amazon hiking challenge

Posted at — Aug 17, 2018

The walmart challenge or the $500 challenge is a challenge to outfit once’s self for a hike without going over weight, volume or budget. And so I offer the amazon challenge… accomplish the same thing with a single amazon wishlist - one click purchase.I was traveling for work and I decided to go for a last minute hike. Wouldn’t it be great to click on a wishlist and have the gear arrive the next day and then hit the trail? I wonder about those hikers with exotic and expensive gear with manufacturing lead times. (and ordering things on amazon that are from a warehouse in china with a 2 week delivery window) But I also worry about the cost and weight of the gear. Not to mention that the TSA would prefer that you not pack lighters or fero rods.And so the challenge begins…. updates to follow. mylist