Richard Bucker

The Apple Rings Everywhere ecosystem

Posted at — Apr 6, 2015

I used to think it would be really cool if my cellphone were to ring that I could be notified on all of my devices and maybe even answer the phone in the Dick Tracy way. I would also find it interesting; if I had my headphones on and could not hear the phone that I would be interrupted through the headphone. (this was demonstrated many years ago when TV manufacturers implement on-screen caller id.) But now I realize I hate the feature.If I forget to turn the volume down on the plethora of Apple sync’d devices in the house or I forget a device in my kid’s room… I’m likely to wake them up with the next phone call that I miss.I’m not sure that the ideal unified device world is here. And I’m not sure that any level of unified command center is going to resolve that as I’ve sync’d my Google Chrome browser instances and while I can share plenty of information I’d also like to be able to delete bookmarks across all devices too. But as I might be able to do that some day will it also suffer from the same affliction of over implementation?