Richard Bucker

The case against polycryo

Posted at — Nov 5, 2018

When thinking about the polycryo vs tyvek argument most people reference these facts:

While these checklists are mostly they miss the point:
  • polycryo is a vapor barrier and that’s it
  • Tyvek offers some insulation even if it’s just a little
  • Tyvek while not waterproof does have some limits
  • Tyvek comes in different weights for construction and kite making
  • Tyvek can be machine washed to soften the fabric
  • Tyvek is more robust and can be used to carry a load and maybe a person (survival mode who cares)
But for me the best reason for Tyvek is that living in Florida when it is humid most of the time I won’t stick to it. And while it’s mentioned here as a groundsheet it could also be used as a blanket or insulation in a hammock.
remnants - out of stock
What I like about the 2GoSystems remnants is that it makes a perfect groundsheet. It has all the insulation of the tyvek and adds a reflective coating. In a sudden rain shower it’s a shelter, it’s a groundsheet, or it’s a blanket.


I like my Borah Bivy and my Snugpak Jungle Bag but there are hot and steamy Florida days when a net tent, tarp, and simple insulation is needed. You could even make a case for the 2Go bivy and an umbrella.