Richard Bucker

The case for a disposable or dispensable hiking kit

Posted at — Mar 12, 2017

I have achieved a level of super pack envy or hiking frustration I’m not sure which. Take a look at these packs.Both of these packs are considered day packs. They are made from lite material and yet are fairly inexpensive. Under $50. After just a few uses they have started to develop hot spots. The Marmot was leaned against a slab of coral rock and it started to SHRED the material. The G4Free is constructed from a stronger nylon material, however, like some nylon webbing the ends where things are sewn SHRED easily. And there are a few places where there are hotspots.I suppose I’m about to contradict my own hypothesis… Considering the “ratio” between a SOL bivy and a military or OR bivy is there a backpack in the SOL variety? First of all It would be interesting to know if someone had hiked the AT, FT, CDT or PCT with nothing but an SOL shelter, blanket and bivy. All I know is that it was in the 60s on Fri and in the high 80s last night. I was just getting acclimated on Friday when Saturday cooked me. I tried to use my sleeping bag line but it kept me too hot on Sat and I could not get comfortable on Friday as we slept on a torso length mattress on compressed coral.So while this was car camping at it’s finest… I used my day pack to tool around town. And of course it was filled with useless junk** while researching… seems SOL has a survivor pack. It’s not what I’m looking for but the subject seems a little deflated. There is a problem with the ROI formula when one considers the merits of cuben fiber and zpacks or simple packs.Boats are nothing but holes in the ocean. Premium hiking gear is but a hole in the mountain.