Richard Bucker

The Case for OpenBSD

Posted at — Aug 4, 2022

I have my dual monitor Pop_OS(linux) standing desk in front of my and I’m looking at my current system usage.

terminal console and browsers are all I need

The thing I like and hate about Pop_OS is that if I check there are updates about every 2 days. I suppose some of that is security and some of it is stability… but there are downsides to frequent updates. You have to worry about the inevitable incompatibility that become an emergency and all that follows.

OpenBSD can be reasoned. OpenBSD can be code revieed by a single person. OpenBSD does have packaging including all sorts of useful apps. The only complaint about OpenBSD is that it does not support all the latest hardware which explains why OpenBSD as a server with ChromsOS was a nice combination.

Moving on to some real work…