Richard Bucker

The Case for VPS(cloud)

Posted at — Sep 16, 2021

I’ve deployed various OSs on both on-prem (VMware, OpenStack, virtualbox, vmm, …) and many VPS services (Linode, GWS, AWS, Vultr, GogotalOcean, …) and I’ve used orchestration systems (Docker, k3s, k8s, …) and I have home grown solutions for all the above.

Every time I build out a VPS it never really fills my needs. And every time I build a machine in my lab I get the sense that I’m spending too much. Things are changing as I start making progress on my most recent migration.

While one person’s pro is another’s con… here is what I’m thinking about:

My biggest concern is that it’s too easy to delete a project or projects using one of those web interfaces. Production systems can be wrapped in a silo only to be delete by accident. The idea of being able to bootstrap a system is also a chicken and egg problem.

Just yesterday I deployed 15 static websites on cloud servers. I also converted my wildcard SSL certs to exact subdomain names. and I scripted the entire process … Since they are static I could make the case I do not need backups of the deployed system but backups of the source instead.

Well, the scripting is not complete yet but it’s close.