Richard Bucker

The cost of a complete cloud development environment

Posted at — Jun 26, 2013

You can certainly build a custom development environment but if you want to implement a standardized development to deployment structure using off the shelf tools is a viable solution.The following image describes the many stacks that CodeEnvy supports. Many of the elements are free and free-as-in-beer. But the truth is that you’re going to get to a point where these services are going to cost some real money.Languages - FREEFrameworks - FREEPaaS - varies greatly, none offer “private hobbyist” options.Repository - public is FREE, private is not (about $12/yr per project for GitHub)Continuous Integration - Jenkins is FREE to use but requires a server. Could cost $7/moAgile - ???IDE - CodeEnvy is going to charge $149/yrThe current state of the Cloud development environment is just too expensive and too much of an unknown. The better alternative is going to be a hybrid of a desktop environment with a simple cloud server and some basic tools that let you perform some basic continuous deployment. So now I’m on the hunt.