Richard Bucker

The cost of free

Posted at — Sep 16, 2015

There is something to be said for sweat equity, however, at some point you will need to take a shower. I really like shows like The Profit and Shark Tank. There is a lot of reality distortion going on over there but unless you hit on something yourself it is what it is.The thing about sweat equity is that it comes at the cost of the equity. What I mean it that if I’m one of those 10x programmers and I work an 16hr day and I’m still taking in an 8hr paycheck then I might only be making pennies on the dollar. This is particularly painful if the equity is not my own.So while I look at all of the open and free-ness of projects like CoreOS and Kubernetes that free┬áis not free. Building your own system or manually maintaining a CoreOS cluster according to the best practices or managing a Kubernetes cluster while free is still very expensive. When you’re a 10x * 16hr accruing equity at pennies on the dollar spending that time on developing infrastructure when it should be vendored out is just not the best exchange rate.CoreOS offers try before you buy versions of CoreOS but 30 days is just not enough trial for me. And when I look at Tectonic it’s preview pricing is at 1500/mo and while that is a good portion of a resource on the payroll building my own systems… But in the free model I cannot get enough experience to champion in my org.