Richard Bucker

The good and bad of the SDK

Posted at — Jul 10, 2012

The folks at AOL have done something interesting. They have created an SDK for their property. I like my page as an anchor to everything I’m doing or that I need and that I’m willing to make very public. But now that AOL has created an API/SDK some new mashups are bound to happen.I question what is AOL’s endgame is here. offers a metoo - email client of sorts and “offers” like coupons that you can never make go away. And yes you are giving them plenty of information and access to even more.As for the good news.’s API/SDK seems to be fairly new. That means that other than the stock services (read apps) there has not been much action. But now that anyone can add an app/service to even the most humble app might get some traction.As for the bad news. If there is a landrush I’m not certain what AOL will be able to do about it. Clearly if there is a vetting process then they can control the rate at which new services are added to the site. If the velocity or count gets too high they may have to make some drastic changes to the interface.As I look at my and the way that I use my browser and the internet I’m just not certain how or what I would add to this page. Of course a bitly link might be nice. So would a delicious look alike. But the fact of the matter is that seems to be a metoo app itself. For example. I have an idea for an app that I would like to connect to but I do not want to require that my users create accounts in order to use my app. And I’m certain that I will not be able to attract other users to install my app once the list grows.Just plain confusing.