Richard Bucker

The killer smartphone

Posted at — Apr 27, 2015

As I’ve mentioned twice; I’m having second thoughts about my Nexus 6; but one thing for certain I do not regret dumping my iPhone. So I’ve decided that I’ve got a better idea.I want a new category of smart phones. Something that is a hybrid between the Startac and the iPhone. It just needs only a few dedicated apps, reliable with good sound quality, anf maybe the ability to span wifi and LTE networks. But if it’s in the Startac form factor then simple drops are not the end of the world. Actually I’d add a 1st gen blackberry scroll wheel and display too.And for good measure… the battery just has to be good enough to make it from the house to the car, to the destination etc…. a few of those transducer chargers strategically placed and even in public spaces.PS one thing that is wrong with those devices is that you cannot charge and talk at the same time unless you use bluetooth or headset.