Richard Bucker

the madness of cutting edge

Posted at — Mar 27, 2016

I’m trying to deploy a yubico server. I’m biased toward a 3rd party version that is implemented in Go, however, when I launch the server I get a segmentation error. After a few hours of debugging I determined that there was a problem between Alpine Linux and Go. There was a defect submitted to Google and subsequently corrected and pulled.In a traditional bloated Linux universe I would simply download the source and rebuild go. Done! But in the docker registry, alpine linux, offial Alpine linux container, official Go container I have to wait endlessly.go has yet to deploy a release with the patch I’m depending onalpine has not deployed an official 3.3.3 containergolang has yet to deploy an official container based on alpine 3.3.3and after all that I’ll never know whether the yubico-server I’m trying to deploy actually works.Enough complaining about the slow lane let’s about that javascript guy who was served cease and desist order related to a source file named kik. As a result of a series of bad decisions the author decided to pull all of his projects in protest. The side effect was a cascaded failure into a number of projects that depended on a small 15-line javascript library.It’s a mad mad world!