Richard Bucker

The Next Operating System

Posted at — Jun 23, 2022

Sitting on the couch this morning with just a few sips of my morning brew left I read the headline “Why Ubuntu Isn’t a Flagship Linux Desktop Distribution Anymore”; and so the flashback to an OpenBSD video I watched where the presenter was comparing OpenBSD to Linux.

“Chromebooks have become the Swiss Army Knife of computing” –Chrome Unboxed

My list of Linux complaints are ling:

Centos 9 is 8.1GB and Centos 8 is 11GB. This is just dumb. Depending on the size of the workforce how can they make sure there are no backdoors? (ration of programmers to LOC)

It just seems obvious to me that a proper generic desktop should be possible. And looking at Chromebooks, since it’s essentially a browser and not an OS (except for the android and linux shim) why not host ChromeOS on OpenBSD?