Richard Bucker

The overnight pack

Posted at — Sep 9, 2018

Looking at the Sea to Summit day pack I’m drawn to reconsider my overnight pack again. What do I really need for an overnight….

The 5 Cs

The Rule of 3’s
  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 hours without shelter
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food
Since the area I’m talking about is well traveled and limited to about a 12 mile loop not much can go wrong. But again as I consider that my last hike I carried bout 20 lb of stuff in my pack I think I can go lighter… simply put I only used a fraction of what I brought.
  • hammock, straps, bugnet sock, tarp, stakes.
  • poncho
  • lighter
  • bug spray, sunscreen
  • extra socks
  • water
  • water filter and dirty water bag
  • bear bag and line
  • snacks
  • tweezers, tape, gauze, Imodium, water treatment
  • flashlight with fresh batteries
I brought and did not use but good to have
  • mosquito net
  • emergency whistle
  • small knife
  • toilet paper
  • misc meds
  • sleeping bag liner depending on how wet you are
  • anti bacterial
I also brought but did not need:
  • ultralight air mattress
  • fero rod, frankly why bother either this or the lighter
  • solo stove, too wet to burn tinder; food spoiled anyway
  • very light LED lights
And I brought but was a comfort item
  • inflatable pillow
  • sit pad doubled as a floor mat
And I did not bring
  • fuel stove
One other luxury item was a handsaw. It just makes processing wood easier if you want a fire. This is a real saw and not a swiss army knife.

Lastly I can cut the shelter weight in half with just a poncho, a bivy, and a small foam pad.