Richard Bucker

The Perfect Sandbox

Posted at — Oct 30, 2011

I’ve been writing software for over 20 years… and while I’m no longer allowed to call myself a programmer, as a marketing ploy, that what I do. Recently I started having troubles with my primary OSX machine. This straight on the heals of some problems with my backup OSX machine.The backup works fine standalone but when I plug it into my monitor the sync seems off and it bothers me and my productivity. The primary machine is starting to show lowres icons on the dock and the task switcher. I followed the first set of repair steps and it has not improved.I have a third system I can use but what I hate most about this is that the 6-Sigma curve is blown and my development environment is ground zero.So I’ve started thinking about what’s next. Clearly I could put my desktop in the cloud. While google has accomplished part of this it is incomplete and does not address the “programmer” use-case. It also does not take into consideration the local developer only the remote. Then I see my wife’s shinny iPad. All of the software and the OS is sandboxed. Any interaction between applications is “managed”. The applications and it’s data is in a sandbox and they can work with remote servers.So here’s what I want. I want a semi-desktop version of an iPad with keyboard and mouse. Applications that run in sandboxes. Most of all, when my machine dies I want to place an order for a replacement that comes exactly the way the current one was configured and installed. I want it’s basic behavior to be more like a desktop/laptop instead of an iPad but I want the structure.PS: I also want some of the benefits from a platform like VMWare and running complete remote desktops… in yet another sandbox.