Richard Bucker

The real cost of Docker

Posted at — Apr 14, 2016

Someone recently posted a reaffirmation that Docker was moving to Alpine Linux. Most times I would just leave this sort of post alone, however, I’ve recently experienced sufficient grief with Alpine that I replied:I run into more problems than I can count using alpine. (1) once you add a few packages it gets to 200mb like everyone else. (2) some tools require rebuilding or compiling projects. Resource costs are the same or higher. (3) no glibc. It uclibc. (4) my biggest concern is security. I don’t know these guys or the package maintainers. Alpine comes from a good place. It seems to be a pared down version of busybox with a proper package manager and a very light based image. But if the 5MB base image is a real and important number to you; you might want to reconsider and start moving toward statically linked binaries.