Richard Bucker

The right pack

Posted at — Oct 6, 2018

Today’s adventure was not really a hike although given the size of the park it could have ended up that way. My kids started a two day soccer tournament this weekend. That meant folding tents, ponchos, a small tarp tent, 32oz water bottle, few snacks.When we arrived at the field I was watching the game before us. I had my pack and the folding tent was still in the car. At one point the rain started and about 5 minutes into the rain, wearing my poncho, I decided to setup my tarp. It was a half pyramid with 5 guy lines and one pole. I managed to finish the setup only to get a call from my wife that we were on the wrong field. So I broke everything down and just balled it up into my pack.LESSON #1 - If the pack is just the right size then there is no room for rushing. My kumo pack is huge and so there was plenty of room, however, I’m reminded that the “hikers” talk about keeping the days tools in the outside pockets. And now I know why. Rushing to get in and out of the main compartment only creates more challenges.Where the kumo is 36L and the minimalist is 24L The kumo has a hip belt and shoulder strap pockets.LESSON #2 - you need what you need. Even though I’ve packed to use the minimalist tomorrow and left the tarp behind having that stretch pocket and the sit pad in the back is comforting. Unfortunately that’s simply not how the day is going to go. Either the poncho is on or off. Either the water bottle is accessible or not. Know how you plan to use your gear!So if there is time tomorrow the dash 30 will be my pack. My stuff is either in the pack or not. But not both.