Richard Bucker

The ultimate backpack

Posted at — Oct 10, 2018

I’m struggling to find the perfect pack and it seems that it should be possible. It seems obvious to me that the pricing is a function of labor costs and materials so generally speaking if the packs are made assemble or manufacturers in bulk the cost will be lower. And for the same reason as before something that can be shipped in 24 hours has an advantage.1) Price: $15-$50.2) Weight: under 1 lb3) At least 1 stretch pocket for instant access to food, larger water bottles, rain gear, tarp etc4) shoulder strap pockets for water bottles5) One main compartment 30L with a drawstring closure and an inside pocket.6) Some way to carry a bedroll/cell mattress7) carry capacity 25 lbs (10 lbs food, 2-3 lbs water, plus other kits)8) comfortable straps9) foam pad back10) overnight deliveryNot neededhip belttons of shock cordload liftersbrainhydration port