Richard Bucker

things I did not use

Posted at — Sep 25, 2016

My 20 pound pack was a pain in the ass. It was not that bad but could have been better. The reality is that wet weather hiking in the Big Cypress is drastically different than dry weather.I did not really need to bring food on the trail although a snack would have been OK but I brought too much food.My sitting pad was a waste. It was too wet to sit.Rain jacket. ┬áThat’s up for debate. The skies were clear during the hike but during the drive home the skies opened and I could barely see in front. Had I been caught in this deluge I would have pitched my tarp. I need a smaller hammock to reduce weight and I need to replace the straps with something lighter or even cordage.I did not make any water. Neither of the other guys brought a filter. Just 2L each.Sunscreen and mosquito repellent were #1 and 2 on the list of things I needed. The bugs were huge and I’m glade I doused my clothes in permethrin.I lost my sunglasses very early in the hike. I need a better plan because I can get migraines from the sun.The schemag was a waste. I have a mosquito net f things got bad.First aid kit, compass, backup compass, emergency whistle, backup SAK; all not used but necessary.Waste bag and trowel brought but not used. Necessary regardless but the idea of pooping with so many mosquitos is scary.Using some cordage and an s-biner I was able to hang my pack on a tree while resting. I do not think I needed a waterproof bag.I also made an Asian field hat from reflectix. I never used it because the guys told me it as overkill for the weather. I should have used it and it only occurs to me now that I could have used it as a scoop and sipping pad.Things I needsmaller hammocksmaller microtowelstool