Richard Bucker

Ticketmaster another level of crap

Posted at — Apr 22, 2016

I'm sitting at the bus stop waiting for my daughter to return from school but my wife asked me to print some tickets for an upcoming concert. I should be able to log into my Ticketmaster account from my cell phone which is an Android and print the tickets on the printer in our house. The problem however is that my password stored in my phone is not the one attached to the account. As a result I have to request a new password from Ticketmaster. Before Ticketmaster will provide a new password they requested that I give them the credit card number. While I have not provided that information I'm not sure if they're going to ask for expiration date or CVV. I don't remember the last time I looked at the regulations for credit card use but I'm pretty sure that using a credit card number as a second method of Authentication would not be permitted especially since we are talking about five or six different issues in the states and then of course there are all of the gift card companies that may or may not play in the same space.

Ticketmaster you continue to disappoint