Richard Bucker

tmux is better than webex

Posted at — Mar 29, 2012

Many of my clients use webex, go-to-meeting or one of those desktop presentation programs in order to share a desktop and get some work done. They are really nice when you have display slides, GUIs, and sometimes videos. About the only problem with the scenario is that it take plenty of bandwidth for just a terminal session… along with the audio.I’m new to tmux, however, I’ve used GNU Screen for years. Screen has the ability to share a terminal session but it’s not very friendly or easy when compared to tmux. The PragProg book has some nice recipes for tmux and is worth checking out.Using tmux for paired programming (not a favorite) is easy. And tmux is specially nice that it let’s one or both users to work in the session but you also get to do other things if you want to be in readonly mode. tmux is installed by default on any OpenBSD installation … I think it’s a tool you can trust. Also, iTerm2 had some plug-ins for tmux but that requires a custom version.