Richard Bucker

To hike or own a farm on the trail

Posted at — Jun 6, 2018

Watching an AT hiker’s vlog yesterday I feel the draw to make the trek myself. It’s an ongoing battle to want to hike the trail. I hike the FT from time to time but limited to the trails close to home; these trails are among the most challenging in that they are wet, muddy, and dry all at the same time.The video I watched was that of a 6 or 7 person family that was attempting the trail. At this time on the trail they had connected with a farm owner who lived a short distance from the trail and was only a day away from the hikers. The families were together for a day and a half. They ate, drank and socialized.One of the kids recounted that the farmer’s wife had to travel 25 minutes to the grocery to get the kids a variety of small ice cream cups. I was amazed that groceries are still that far from some people. It also made me appreciate that mine are around the corner. I also realized that I live in a planned community and so that tiny home living or rural living is so far out of reach from our community. I have no idea where that sort of thing even exists relative to where I live now. And if the grocery is 25 minutes away where is the school?I’m reminded of my family’s country home when we lived in Canada. It was not minimalist but it was an ideal location and while we had neighbors in walking distance the grocery was 30 minutes away.