Richard Bucker

Too many options

Posted at — Nov 17, 2013

Watching Ted conference speech last night I was left with the thought about how complicated we make our software today. In summary the presenter suggested that the more options you gave a person the less they would like the thing that they were presented with.When I think back on the days of wordprocessing WordPerfect had the market locked until Microsoft Word came in with an abundance of new features. No one ever used all the features that Microsoft Word presented but they were there and that was attractive to the buyer. Even today I only use a fraction of the capability of Ford perfect or Microsoft Word. In fact now I do all of my editing online using the most minimal of editors(google doc). And I’m very very happy. I would add; when Microsoft came out with the first GUI wordprocessor I was still using PFS right and IBM writing assistant and I was very happy. UPDATE: as the apple iPhone apps become more complete and I delete many 3rd party apps my happiness quotient increases. The latest to be retired was readmill. UPDATE: obamacare might have too many options.