Richard Bucker

Too Much RF to be good

Posted at — Apr 16, 2012

<img title=“photo-1” src=“" alt=” width=“640” height=“478” />In the picture above you see a MacBook Unibody, MacBook Air 11" late 2010, a POSX, eMachine M6811(installing AVG free after a complete Windows 7 re-install) and offscreen an Acer Laptop. Just below the eMachine there is a keyboard drawer with an Apple bluetooth keyboard and trackpad. (and there is a baby monitory that is turned off… and the base station for a cordless phone.)Today’s mystery is why is the keyboard not functioning properly? I cannot seem to wakeup my MB no matter what I do. ┬áSo I opened the MB and logged in directly and then closed the clamshell so that I could use the external monitors… but the keyboard stopped working and only the trackpad was working. I checked the batteries and so on. This is the same machine that is giving me trouble with my Jawbone BT headset too.Hmmm… too much RF? Yes? Who’s fault is it? Mine. sigh I know what I’m doing tomorrow.