Richard Bucker

Top 10 Weirdest Programming Languages in Use in 2022

Posted at — Jul 11, 2022

Somehow google know what I’m thinking and from time to time they hit the nail on the head. This afternoon this article popped on my queue… I scanned through it… and found “chicken”.

“chicken” is a great name and I’m bummed I was not there first. For over the last 2 years I have been espousing “chicken over cattle”. Where many have adopted docker containers and orchestration like kubernetes I find that it’s just another layer on the stack and each layer has it’s cost.

My approach is simple:

pets vs cattle

I liked the metaphor “pets vs cattle” and the sentiment is not lost on me, however, before you continue to believe that cattle are any less valuable you need to watch a few episodes of Dr Pol. Every animal Dr Pol treats has value regardless if it’s a pet or farm animal. So on the one hand the sentiment of “pets vs cattle” is understood but it’s petter expressed as “pets vs chickens” only because the chickens live shorter lives and require less care and feeding.