Richard Bucker

Touch and Pen

Posted at — Sep 18, 2021

I have owned a Google Pixel for several years and I fully expect it to hit end of life in the next year or so. Maybe. The GP came with or I purchased a pen (not USI) and I think I played with it once or twice. I even let my kids use it to occupy their time.

in the end it’s not a real tool for the average user

Recently I replaced my EOL ChromeBox with a Lenovo C13 (with USI pen) and I simply NEVER use the pen. It’s a touch screen and even so most of the time I use my logitech mouse and from time to time I’ll use the trackpad or their nib. I just do not draw and I don’t imagine wanting to hold my arm up that long (say OSHA).

While my experience is ChromeOS it’s more of a laptop thing. I never use my laptop in tablet mode but if I did I would still use my fingers to select, size, and type. The pen is not suited for programming or data entry.

In the meantime I’m looking at other tech and it seems…

I’m still in love with my ChromeOS laptop. It’s just so reliable and upgrading or migrating is trivial.


When I met my wife she was a PC person and I was migrating from PC to Apple because linux was not a full desktop (circa 2005). As we dated I finally purchase an Apple Mini (first on Intel) and never looked back. I eventually purchased several Apple laptops and migrated her documents to a MacOS. That’s when Linux got better and I moved again… handing down all my Apple gear as time went on. Eventually I had a client for whom I did a lot of work on my laptop and felling apprehensive about losing the company’s property I had to encrypt the drive… which eventually led me to ChromeOS and doing everything in the cloud.


Since then all our Apple hardware is dead although she still has her iPhone and iCloud account. In the meantime she has been using my spare Chromebook and not really paying much attention. The other day she asked me for a recipe and she did not know where it was. Unfortunately the last Mac she used was dead. I was able to pull the HDD and plugged it into my ChromeOS. I was able to read the drive, however, there was no content in the various folders I was searching for.

I did have one last MacBook Air that is on life support… and I was able to mount the drive via USB and I was hoping that the drive encryption was not going to prevent retrieval… but I got it. I copied the volume to my Synology DSM and I copied the volumne to her Google Workspace. It happens that she had a third copy on iCloud. UGH.

So as I’m longing for an OpenBSD Lenovo laptop for when the internet takes a complete dump… my ChromeOS desktop is just working.