Richard Bucker

Tower App Missed the Runway - BitBucket

Posted at — Mar 21, 2012

I like Tower. It’s a strong GUI in front of a DVCS that can be hard to manage if you’re not completely versed in it’s execution. Even with quality books from PragProg it’s still a challenge. So Tower is welcome.This week they announced support for BitBucket. BitBucket is a DVCS based on Mercurial instead of Git. (BitBucket does have a Git option when creating repositories.) So when the announcement was made I was pretty excited.I use both GitHub and BitBucket. GH is perfect for my public projects and BB is perfect for my private projects.  It’s all about the cost.Naturally I was excited when they mentioned the BB support. I thought… one tool, two repos.But that is not the case. There is little or no documentation on this feature. The “manage repositories” is very unclear and the behavior seems to be adaptive. To what, I do not know. The one thing that is missing is a statement like:While we have support for BitBucket, we are still limited to Git repositories.That would make a lot more sense.  I’m not certain that I would convert my repos to Git because I happen to like mercurial better… and for no particular reason other than the fact that as a tool it is implemented in a single language unlike Git which uses several. This has the potential, and has in the past, failed to build when versioning goes bad.Oh well, maybe later.