Richard Bucker

traefik one domain multiple IPs

Posted at — Oct 15, 2018

Things get crazy if you have a domain that you want to manage with more than one public IP address. You need to know a few things before you go crazy with traefik configuration so let’s list things…[a] you have 2 IPs[b] you own the domain and have a nameserver[c] you might set a wildcard A record and you might also set some hardcoded A records[d] you configure traefik to update your nameserver and you do all that config fooWhat I determined was that the system with the wildcard will get all the default or unknown name resolutions… that means that the second IP needs to have all of it’s host subdomains set in A records.I tried more than one domain as a wildcard. For the moment it seems to be working but there is probably a timeout or cache thing going on.  Let’s see what testing does.