Richard Bucker

trail hunger and calories

Posted at — Feb 24, 2017

Until I’ve actually been on the trail I won’t know for sure, however, I’ve been watching Neemor’s videos and I’m still questioning whether he carry’s enough calories. First he talks about carrying 2 pounds per day and looking at his resupply inventory I see less then 1000 calories per pound. Assuming that’s 2000 calories a day that’s barely enough. I read you can expect to burn 400 calories per hour on a hike. If you hike 10 hours that’s 4000 calories. Then you need an additional 1200 calories for the rest of the day. In one video Neemor said he ate 2 personal pizzas and 2 cheese burgers and fries. Sure it depends on how big they were but still that’s a lot of food and he is a small guy.Lastly, during the wilderness challenge these guys figured that for their lifestyle of hunter/gather they needed about 4000 calories a day, however, even they got to a point where they simply could not eat enough. In retrospect it’s not clear if that was because of the volume of food or their psyche was just tired of the lack of choices. (lean fish and berries)