Richard Bucker

Travel Routers Part 1

Posted at — Jan 2, 2016

The first two of the travel routers I purchased have arrived and while I hate meaningless unboxing videos I’ll spare you the details other than to say that the RavPower All-In-One FileHub is minimally packaged both inside and out; just the router and a USB cable leaving me to provide the wallcharger. The ZyXEL Wireless Router included the device, USB cable, universal power br. Both had very little documentation although the RavPower was easier to comprehend and if you want to get beyond QuickStart use-case you will have to download the ZyXEL manual.RavPowerBattery - 6000mAH (quick press the power button to see power level) While the documentation calls it an “external battery” it seems to also power the router.Ports - SDCard slot, mini USB for charging the battery, USB port for charging other devices and flash drives, RJ45 ethernet port.Modes - Access Point, bridge, file serverGUI - web admin, smartphone appDefault SSID - FileHubPlus-XXXXDefault password - 11111111Default IP Address - uid/pwd - admin/(no password)Manual: linkZyXELBattery - nonePorts - USB power, RJ45 ethernet portSpecial - WPS button, Clone MAC button, mode switchDefault SSID - ZyXELXXXXDefault password - 00000000Default IP Address - (router mode) (other modes uid/pwd - admin/1234Note - There is a Windows driver for autoplay.Killer feature - From the quick scan of the user manual I discovered that there is a QOS feature. This could be helpful with my Apple Photo Sync problem crashing my modem and routers.Sandisk Media Drive- worth a mention but that’s it. It was meant as a file server more that a router.Sandisk Connect- worth a mention but that’s it. It was meant as a file server more that a router.In part 2 I’ll put the ZyXEL and RavPower to the test.