Richard Bucker

Travel Routers Part 10 - Apple Express

Posted at — Jan 6, 2016

Up until May 2015 I had been a serious Apple enthusiast. While I have not owned a Mac Pro I certainly longed for one and I have convinced my employer(s) to provide me with Macbook Pro. I personally have had Minis, Airs, iPads, iPhones, Airports, and maybe some things I’ve forgotten.About 2 years ago I started to become disillusioned as I was experiencing some issues with the corporate VPN solution and my Airport firewall. It was a drawn out exercise of support calls, emails and replacement hardware. The problem never went away and so I started investigating alternatives. ChromeOS.Back to the Airport. I have owned 1 Airport Extreme, 2 or 3 socket Airport Express and 2 modern Airport Express (the former being a better design and more recently being copied).The single biggest issue with the airport brand of routers is that they require an Apple computer, iPhone or iPad to configure. The second biggest challenge is that the first generation of Express, which is the most mobile of the devices, seems to have hit end of life.PS: no battery included.