Richard Bucker

Travel Routers Part 12 - Asus WL-330NUL

Posted at — Jan 8, 2016

I was hoping that this device was going to be the defacto winner. It is clearly the smallest and lighest but it might also have the fewest features.Asus WL-330NULBattery - nonePorts - Male USB for powering the device, there is also some storage for installing Windows drivers, RJ45 ethernet port.Modes - Access Point, bridgeGUI - web adminDefault SSID - WL-330NUL-private-XXXXDefault password - (supervisor code etched on the device)Default IP Address - router.asus.comDefault uid/pwd - (supervisor code)Manual: linkAfter a brief use here is what I’ve experienced:slow throughput; while the ping was ok the download speed leveled at 14mbps and should have been higher. Considering it’s side it might have been related to the amount of RF in this VPN supportThere is a guest userI could change the default password and username (the supervisor code is unreliable over time)the boot time was very slow. It took nearly 2 minutes to bootand lastly the packaging was unusually large for the size of the device.