Richard Bucker

Travel Routers Part 2 - ZyXEL NBG2105

Posted at — Jan 2, 2016

Diving into my ZyXEL travel router I had one mission and that was to get my Chromecast v2 to setup in a hotel. Since I’m no longer in a hotel some features are intellectual only.

The timer is insufficient and the local WiFi will likely redirect to the preferred or one that is locally available so when the travel router completes the reboot you’ll have to reconnect to the ZyXEL.

Before I take this router to a hotel I need to change the SSID, default username and password. Since I’m experimenting I’m not sure whether or not I want to name them all the same or if each should be different.

As for the Chromecast, my expectation is that once the travel router is online and ready for normal operation (estimated 7 minutes) the setup will be uneventful.

UPDATE: I should add that the UI is OK but VERY old school.

UPDATE: can not auto detect firmware updates. (latest firmware here) The latest seems to be 06-25-2013 however the info is pretty unclear.