Richard Bucker

Travel Routers Part 6 - KissLink

Posted at — Jan 4, 2016

The KissLink router is probably the easiest router reviewed so far but not without it’s challenges.The connection process is pretty simple, just touch your NFC device to the KissLink and you’re just about there. If you have a static device like a laptop it’s almost as easy to connect. There is no fileserver; but who cares really? The Android application is OK but far from rock solid. Depending on the connected WiFi network the app get’s lost. Also updating the firmware requires that the “device” is the admin device before the messages make any sense.router(requires ethernet) and repeater/bridge modeClone MAC but who careswhite and black listno loggingwhat does the “zen” button do?no VPNtoo big to be a travel modemuses USB powerno QoSSince the documentation talks about “static” devices like laptops I’m not sure whether the Chromecast setup is going to work. hidden SSIDI’d like to say that the KissLink application is useful and unique but it’s not. They tried to look like OnHub or vice versa but wins the close but no cigar. The more error paths I went down the more I realized that the basic documentation was incomplete or popup error messages were just wrong.There is something to be said for being able to add devices on the fly based on NFC. Considering how often we travel vs how often we have no devices. It is also interesting as a way to let guests into my network and in bridge mode I can locate it in more accessible location.