Richard Bucker

turbo lang

Posted at — Nov 23, 2014

Some months ago I reserved the domain, after posting my admiration for everything turbo, because I thought I wanted to build an IDE that reminded me of the original turbo-pascal from Borland international. (no matter how hard I try I have not been able to locate screenshots of turbo-pascal 1.x) A few days ago I read an article about a running tcl code in a browser. And while I was not interested in a browser or NaCL solution I still want that old turbo-pascal feel; and so I registered and I have a github organization called turbolang with the hopes that I can get some help.I am curious enough to wonder if I can accomplish my goals by forking atom or brackets; or for that matter just implementing some common theme extensions in the way of same compile, link, format etc… But at the core of my thought process is that the turbolang editor needs to be clean, concise, and opinionated. Using the CUA shortcuts etc is just fine but the vim/emacs war is over and I have no interest in using the WordStar commands any more.If you have any interest, ideas or comments I hope you’ll let me know.