Richard Bucker

Turbo - Requirements

Posted at — Aug 23, 2015

I think I can put the requirements into 3 categories. Not because any or all are less important than the others but that they can be accomplished in these groups rather than leaving parts dangling.Getting StartedCRUD files using websocketsCRUD records from a SQLite DBbuild a completely self contained executable (execute from rootfs)are you sure you ant to leave the page if not savedremember cursor positionidentify the syntax highlighting to use based on file extensionBasic Integrationsimple filemanagersplit columns and rowssave alltabschoose and save themeoverride themes with a PROD theme to prevent failuresexecute make commands; needs to decide on the standard subcommandsAdvanced IntegrationGITGozquerymobileauthenticationcollaborationzquery prompt the user for valueszquery graphing through D3js or GraphVizOther things that need to be doneadd zquery from DB instead of shellzquery export to chromecastThis should complete version 1… and I know there are some advanced features that might not make it.