Richard Bucker

TV Show: Silicon Valley - tabs vs spaces

Posted at — Jun 1, 2016

The writers of Silicon Valley made fun of programmers today. It’s the Emacs vs vim and tabs vs spaces all over again. I use vim because I do not need an IDE or an editor that requires more RAM than the system OS. I prefer to avoid the choice and leave it to the preprocessor to reformat the code. With a special shout-out to Golang.I get a little frustrated with the show from time to time as the writers get a little too close to reality.UPDATE: ¬†When I worked for Ultimate Software … as the company grew and office space expanded teams could name the conference rooms that were adjacent to their team spaces. It had never occurred to me; because Ultimate was a Microsoft shop, but that naming the rooms; tabs, spaces, emacs, vim would have been an uber geek statement. (not that it really matters)